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The last few months have seen the team focusing hard on our translation efforts.  After a ton of planning and hard work, we've translated the Value Proposition Design book online companion into several languages including German, French, Italian, and Dutch.  We're also working on translating the online exercise components of the VPD companion over time.

Another major effort we've undergone is planning for a new and improved UX for our Build app.  Our users will see many improvements as we roll out the updates over the next few months.

We're also in the midst of tackling a large swath of technical debt, which will mean performance and speed improvements coming very soon to our platform.

Monday December 15, 2014 - Year end roundup!

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Photo Nov 19, 17 34 39.jpg


Freshly returned from our global company offsite in Tunisia, it's time to reflect on the year that has gone by.  2014 has been an exciting year for Strategyzer!  Here's a quick rundown on all of the major features and improvements we've released in 2014:



2014 was a year filled with fun, challenges, and growth for Strategyzer.  We've enjoyed every minute of delivering our tools and content to the world and we're all incredibly excited about what's ahead in 2015!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Value Proposition Design world wide launch!

Value Proposition Design world wide launch!

Here we are on the eve of launching Value Proposition Design worldwide!

The project that started late last year is nearly ready for the world.  The product team has spent the last few months putting together the assets, online exercises, and web properties required to launch the new book.

Here's all of the online tools we created for the book:

Customer Profile:

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

Value Map:

Value Map

Value Map

Fit Exercise:

Fit Exercise

Fit Exercise










We also created a rockin' index page for Value Proposition Design:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 5.18.54 PM.png

It's been a very busy time for the team - now it's time to share the work with the world!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Our Toronto/Ljubljana product team is still hard at work on the online companion tools for the Value Proposition Design book.  Our group of pre-readers have been intimately involved with the design of the online tools, graciously giving up their time to usability test our prototypes.

In the meantime, we're putting the finishing touches on a marketing page dedicated to the book - you can see it here:  Pre-order today!

We've also improved Strategyzer in a big way with the addition of the Hypothesis Editor:

Strategyzer's Hypothesis Editor

Strategyzer's Hypothesis Editor

The Hypothesis Editor replaces the "Pass / Fail" indicators in Strategyzer.  We think users will find this tool much more useful when testing specific ideas over time.  This is just one of the enhancements we'll be adding to Strategyzer Build in the coming months to coincide with the VPD book.

Our content team is hard at work creating blog posts at  We're seeing more traffic coming in via our original content and it's great to have a more constant opportunity to connect with our customers.

Lastly, our founder Alex Osterwalder is working hard in Berlin with the team to create content for the upcoming Value Proposition Design online course.  






Thursday, September 3, 2014

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This month has been all about the online companion tools due to launch with the new Value Proposition Design book.  

The team has been hard at work building tools such as:

  • Customer Profile tool
  • Fit Exercise
  • 10 Questions to Assess Your Value Proposition
  • Customer Jobs tool
  • Value Map Exercise

Other recent updates:

  • made it easier to provision courses in bulk (handy for corporate sales)
  • working on our Pattern Library to make the creation of new pages easier
  • making do without Federico (our designer) who is away for 1 month!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Today we unveiled our brand-spanking new Strategyzer Blog!

This is where Alex Osterwalder and the Strategyzer team will regularly share practical content, tools, and processes for strategy, innovation, product management and intrapreneurship.  

This Change Log will continue to be updated with new features but in more detail and with a focus on more of the technical side of changes we make as we evolve Strategyzer.

Other updates over the last few weeks:

  • increased code standards compliance with Backbone upgrade
  • increased security with a penetration audit
  • increased user experience consistency with pattern library work
  • increased code standards compliance with Rails upgrade
  • various bug fixes

Work is set to start on the online component of our upcoming book "Value Proposition Design".  If you'd like to be notified when it comes out, sign up here.


Friday, June 27, 2014

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We released 2 big improvements to Strategyzer this week:

(1) Move and Copy Canvases between Projects - users can now move and copy Canvases between Projects without help from our support and development teams.  This has been a long-requested feature, especially useful for our power users with several projects and many canvases.

(2) New account pages!  We just released completely redesigned account pages.  Users will now find it much easier to find the information they're looking for in the new tabbed format.  

(3) Canvas listings now load much faster. With many of our users racking up larger and larger amounts of Canvases, we've paid special attention to making Canvas listing pages load much faster.  

(4) Free trials for all.  It's now easy for us to provide free trials to any users who ask.  We are still A/B testing a free trial call to action by default.

(5) Lots of bug fixes:

  • support for IE 9 bugs
  • fixed update billing info pages
  • automated contact form on
  • issues with calculations in Revenue tools

Our founders are in the home stretch of completing all of the content for the Value Proposition Canvas book.  It's going to be a smash hit!


Sunday June 1, 2014

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We launched two important features this month:


(1) Online course certificates - every user who completed our online course "Business Models That Work & Value Propositions That Sell" was sent an email with instructions to claim their completion certificate.  We built the platform in-house instead of going with an existing service provider.  With the added customization and scalability of our proprietary solution, we're ready to grow and build on the success of our learning platform.

(2) Bulk provisioning of Projects: it's now easier than ever for us to provision Projects to Masterclass Workshop participants as well as corporate/enterprise sales of larger numbers of Projects.  


More improvements:

  • A/B test to see if "Try it now for free" button on the online course page increases conversion.  We believe more users will convert if they can try a sample of the course before purchase
  • Our founders are working hard on a Value Proposition Canvas book - we'll have lots of exciting things happening around this - stay tuned!

Friday May 9, 2014

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The founders are working hard on a new book that will be on shelves later this year!

Here's what the product development team has been up to:


- improvement: users can now click on any sticky note the the Timeline view and go directly to that note's detail view

- bug fix: numbering of lessons is no longer in wrong order up on mobile views of the online course

- bug fix: we've squashed several small bugs in our estimation tools

- bug fix: invitations to join Projects can now be accepted with one click instead of two

- security: we took measures to protect our platform from potential Heartbleed vulnerabilities

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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We just released a very exciting new feature on the Strategyzer Build app!

As of this week, you can now "@ mention" a collaborator in the Comments section of a sticky note!  For all the non-techies out there, this means that specific collaborators will receive an email notification when you "@ mention" their user name.

For example, if I open a sticky note, navigate to the Comments, and then type: "Hey @alansmith, what do you think about this idea?", Alan will receive an email letting him know that I've mentioned him in a sticky note, and even better, he'll receive a link he can open that will take him to that exact sticky note in Strategyzer!

"@ mention" is a powerful tool that many platforms such as Twitter, Trello, and Facebook use to boost user engagement and make it easier for teams to work together more effectively.  We hope you love it - try it out today!

Thursday March 27, 2014

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We had a relatively quiet month from our development team.  Two of our developers were attending the business model masterclass in Berlin to get immersed in the material and spend some time with our founders!

Back home, here's some of the things we accomplished:

  • snazzy new buttons to add visual design polish and consistency to the platform
  • the ability to edit sticky notes in the testing dashboard - try it out!
  • resolving lots of technical debt and squashing known bugs

Our founders are working hard on meeting a tough deadline for our new Value Proposition Canvas book.  Look for an accompanying online course and lots of enhancements to Strategyzer in the coming months!

Tuesday February 26, 2014

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February has been all about optimization!  We've spent the last few weeks making user interface improvements to our recently launched online course.

When we discovered that users were having issues with the control we originally designed to mark each step of the course complete, we made incremental changes and user tested them until we got it right.   We've also spent countless hours asking users how they would like to see us improve the content and user experience of future courses we produce.  Needless to say, we've gotten plenty of feedback and great ideas!

The other big story is our move from hosting platform Linode to Heroku.  The switch was carried out seamlessly by our developers over the last weekend, and to date we've received no issues that have occurred as a result of the move.  High-five for our Toronto developers!

Friday January 24th, 2014 - Online Learning goes live

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This was a big week here at Strategyzer.

Late Tuesday night EST, we pushed live our first version of our online training offering!  A lot of hard work went in to both the content and software design of the training.  The content team was lead by one of our founders, Alex Osterwalder in Switzerland, and the software team was headed up by Alan Smith in Toronto.  

Our customers have been asking for online training for a long time, and now it's here!

Friday January 10, 2014 - We're in beta!

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Happy 2014 from the Strategyzer development team!

We're very proud to announce that we've made the switch from alpha to beta!   After over 6 months of having our own kick-ass team of developers and designers, Strategyzer has evolved in leaps and bounds.    

The development team is focused on two things: (1) our move from Linode to Heroku (2) the launch of our online training course.  

Here's some other smaller fixes and updates we've made to Stragyzer:

new content: our "From Idea to Business" video series done in partnership with the Kauffman foundation have been added to Strategyzer Academy

UX improvement: added a "$" to the price of the subscription

infrastructure: improving the exporter functionality

pricing: various pricing experiments to optimize conversion rates on subscription and online training preregistration

UX improvement: we installed Olark on our non-logged in pages to help users through the buying process and provide another line of communication via the site

UX improvement: experimenting with 2 field signup instead of 4



Thursday December 19, 2013 - Year end roundup!

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It's been an exciting year for the design and development team here at Strategyzer!  Here's a roundup of everything we've been working on since our in-house team was up and running in early 2013!


  • Added Value Proposition Canvas
  • Bugs/issues uncovered or associated with move from Unspace
  • Many obvious bugs were squashed in the UX (no close buttons, errors on VP canvas, renaming a canvas breaks the link to it, etc.)
  • Added contextual help throughout the app
  • Post it note interaction optimized (typeface, interaction, opacity, sizing)
  • Added option to use invite link when inviting contributors to projects (not just via email)
  • Added ability to redeem coupon codes within the application (not just on sign up)
  • Various marketing pages updates (splitting "sign up" and "login" buttons for example)
  • Users can edit their currency symbol and format in the Cost or Revenue calculators
  • Added free trial offer when users register but don't pay
  • Added email reminders for expiring product subscriptions
  • Added the ability to add notes to canvases
  • Added the ability to add comments to canvases
  • Added activity notifications via email
  • Coupon codes automatically applied for workshop attendees
  • Added ability to include HTML links in comments
  • Added more descriptive error messages if a users' credit card is declined
  • Added blur effect to UX
  • In progress - move from Linode to Heroku
  • many, many bug fixes and UX refinements

Have a wonderful holiday and happy 2014 from all of us around the world!


Friday December 6, 2013

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Coming soon: online training!  our developers and design team are working hard to get our online training offering up and running

Update: Improved UX by adding blur effect to layers currently not in focus in the application

Infrastructure: making the move from Linode to Heroku


Friday November 8, 2013

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Update: Added all-new video content to Strategyzer Academy : "Creating Market Size Estimates", "Creating Revenue Estimates", "Creating Cost Estimates", "Adding Collaborators to Business Projects"

Update: Improved user experience (UX) with more descriptive messages displayed if a user's credit card is declined or has other issues

Update: Improved UX by adding a "about to be removed" visual state when a sticky note is about to be deleted via dragging it off the canvas

Update: Improved UX with HTML links now allowed in comments

Update: Improved UX by taking users to their intended destination after login if they came via a link

Bug fix: Improved security by removing ability for comments and notes to execute scripts via script injection

Bug fix: Improved UX by fixing tab index of fields in the estimator tool

Bug fix: Improved UX by fixing alignment of lines in the Value Proposition Canvas display

Bug fix: Lots of formatting and display fixes for Internet Explorer 9

Monday October 28, 2013

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Bug fix: VP Canvas elements would visually shift left upon adding the first post-it note.

Bug fix: On the VP Canvas, adding a new post-it to the value proposition section would not close a new post-it on the customer segments section. 

Bug fix: In Firefox, hovering on a new post-it would cause the cursor to disappear. 

Update: If you've attended a workshop and are signing into your account for the first time we will now automatically apply your coupon code to your billing information. 

Monday October 21, 2013

Added on by Tom Philip.

It's been a long time since the last update. We've been busy, growing the team, adding some awesome features, polishing the UI and squashing bugs. There's too many mention, so here's the highlights.

Adding New Post-its - We've made big improvements to how you add post-its. We've made it as simple as possible to get your ideas onto the canvas. With just a click on the canvas, write text and hit 'Enter', it's all done.

Notes on Canvases - You can add a note about a canvas. Just like you can for post-its. 

Comment on Canvases - If notes wasn't enough. You and your collaborators can comment on the canvas too. 

Activity Notifications - Want to keep up to date with what's been happening on your project? We're now sending out weekly summaries of all the interesting things that happened in the last week. If you're not receiving them yet, check your spam folder. 

Check them out on Strategyzer  

P.S. Look out for our first online course coming soon. 

Wednesday August 14, 2013

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It's been a long time since we last spoke and lots of goodness has been added to Strategyzer.

We've been spending a lot of our time focusing on fixing those annoying bugs and tweaking the UI. All to provide a better experience for you, our customers.

Behind the scenes, we've been working on engineering tasks, that will allow us to deliver features and bug fixes quicker, and to a higher quality. 

Update: Improvements for bookmarked links to canvases. Renaming the canvas no longer breaks the bookmarked link. 

Update: Reminders are being sent out for project subscriptions that are about to expire. 

Bug fix: Showing correct block help for all Value Proposition Canvas post-its.

Bug Fix: Canvas sorting works correctly. 

Bug Fix: You can now drag post-its across the Value Proposition Canvas i.e. from Value Proposition Map to Customer Segment Profile and vice versa.

Update: We've cleared some space from around the canvas block titles, so you can add more post-its. 

Update: All dialogs can be closed by hitting 'escape' on your keyboard. 

Update: Clicking away from the crunching the numbers on post-its, now saves your calculations too. 

Plus too many little fixes to mention! 

Check them out on Strategyzer