Monday July 22, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Bug fix:  Some canvases were unable to be shown to the user after they were renamed.

Update: We've improved the experience of adding comments to a post-it. 

Update: The "last saved" indicator has had some visual improvements, and now persists in the top left corner of the canvas frame (just below the canvas name).

Update: The "+ New Business Model Canvas" and "+ Invite New Collaborator" buttons now appear first in their respective lists.

Tuesday July 16, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Update: Post-it notes being deleted from the Value Proposition and Customer Segment blocks that have Value Proposition Maps and/or Customer Segment Profiles associated with them will prompt the user to confirm the deletion.

Update: The note section in the Post-it note detail view now has a visual gradient at the bottom to indicate there is more content associated with this note which can be viewed by clicking anywhere in the note section.

Bug fix: When adding a comment to a Post-it note the text field is now set into focus by default. 

Bug fix: The "Get help" tooltip is back in the Post-it note detail view.

Update: We've added the inviter's email as "Reply-To" for all invitations to collaborate. If the invitee replies to the invite it will now be sent to the email address you used to sign up with Strategyzer. 

Bug fix: We've fixed the broken layout in the "Change Password" page. 

Wednesday July 10, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Udpate: Coupon codes may now be used at the time of Project renewal.

Bug fix: Fixed error when saving Customer Segment sizes over 2.1 billion.

Update: We now display more verbose text in the Revenue and Cost post-it detail view bubbles. Previously, we were only showing "No Customer Segments" or the post-it's calculation.


Thursday July 4, 2013

Added on by Tom Philip.

Bug fixes:  Lots of fixes that will help with real-time collaboration, that have caused some customers to have to refresh their browsers whilst in a real-time collaborative session.

Bug fix:  Comments made on Value Proposition Canvas post-its now also participate in the real-time collaboration. Make a comment on post-it and anybody collaborating with you on a project, using another browser, will also see that comment immediately.

Bug fix: Drag and dropping of post-its in the Testing Dashboard now works for all Canvases. This was not working previously for a small number of canvases.

Update: Improved the Canvas settings with a few tweaks. Customers with 3 character currencies now have the space to fit them in. You can hit Enter to save and Escape to close.


Monday June 24, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Bug fix: Instances where post-its disappeared when another collaborator renames the canvas have been resolved.

Update: We've broken out our "Sign Up" and "Log In" into two separate buttons.

New feature: You're now prompted to name your canvas upon creation.

New feature: You can now edit your currency symbol and format through the Cost or Revenue calculators.

New feature: You can edit your canvas' name straight from your project page.


Wednesday June 12, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Update: We're no longer collecting feedback via embedded forms previously found in the Strategyzer Academy items.

Update: We've added the American Express logo to all payment forms to let user's know that we do accept that credit card.

New feature: You can now input and redeem coupon codes when buying new business project within the app.

New feature: Users can now access special content through the Strategyzer Academy provided they've attended a recent workshop.

Update: We now have more informative field validation messages on the login page. 

Thursday June 6, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Update: The loading dialog no longer has a close icon in the top right corner. 

Update: We've removed that blinking circle from the top right corner of your screen! 

Bug fix: You're now able to easily close the settings dialog after editing your project.

New feature: When inviting collaborators to your project you can now copy the invite link directly if needed.

Thursday May, 30 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Bug fix: The overlay dialog no longer disappears when trying to invite someone to your project or change the settings of your canvas.

Update: VPC post-its are smaller in visual size to free up some space on the canvas to allow for easier post-it organization.

Bug fix: When you rename a project in the "Buy New Business Project" dialog it now persists.

Monday May 27, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Update: You will find the text within the post-it note editor more pleasantly appealing.

Update: Dialog overlays are a bit more opaque making what's in focus easier on the eyes.

Update: Overlay dialogs now come with a nifty close button.

Friday May 17, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Bug fix: When adding the first comment to a post-it all things now render properly.

Update: When cloning a canvas we now show a loading spinner in addition to a notification should an error occur.

Update: Better tooltip alignment when hovering on canvas block titles. No more tooltips getting cut off at the top of your screen.

Bug fix: Sidebar menu now shows newly purchased projects.

Update: Invitation notifications no longer appear in the sidebar menu after they have been accepted.

Update: Projects no longer appear in the sidebar menu after you leave them.

Monday May 13, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

New feature: You can now view contextual help for each block within the value proposition canvas.

Update: Added a mouseover "zoom" icon for post-its on the value proposition canvas.

Bug fix: We no longer show "0-0=0" on canvas thumbnails if no costs or revenues have been estimated yet for that particular canvas.

Update: Added full Strategyzer compatibility with Internet Explorer 10 "metro mode" for Windows 8.

Friday May 10, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

New feature: You can now view a value proposition video and read additional information about it in the Strategyzer Academy.

Update: Can see a secondary confirmation dialog when clicking "buy now" for a new business project.

Update: Can press the return key on a post-it to save it's text, additionally a carriage return can be performed by pressing the shift+return key.

Bug fix: Post-it delete confirmation dialog appears only when it has notes, comments, assessments, or numbers.

Tech note: We've upgraded our Pusher Javascript library to 2.0 which should help with any firewall connection issues.