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How Large Companies Can Create A Lean Startup Culture For Strategy & Innovation

Added on by Kavi Guppta.

Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder explains how large companies can invent a Lean Startup culture that embraces quick and cheap innovation alongside a company's existing execution culture. The outcome? A company that is constantly uncovering new value propositions and business models, and a company that is actively seeking new growth engines to secure its future.

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Why I Want My Kids to Fail

Added on by Nabila Amarsy.

Alex Osterwalder gave a talk at the BIF 10 conference last week. We're posting this talk on our blog even though it doesn't directly relate to business tools. It's about how we deal with failure in our lives. Alex frames the talk provocatively as "Why I Want my Kids to Fail" and shows how failures in his own life turned out to be positive for his development and career.

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Why Every Company Needs a Chief Corporate Entrepreneur

Added on by Benson Garner.

In this video Michael Krigsman and Vala Afshar of CxOTalk interview Alexander Osterwalder, co-founder of Strategyzer and lead author of Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design. Alex shares the thinking behind the two books and the accompanying tools, the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas, as well as the software that makes the process living and social.

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