Navigating Your Business Model Environment

Added on by Alexander Osterwalder.

"Navigating Your Environment" is Ep. 4 in the six part animated series "From Idea to Business" presented by Strategyzer Academy and the Kauffman Foundation (download).

You never create value propositions or business models in a vacuum. You design, test, build, and manage them in a context. Zoom out to the big picture to map the business model design environment in which you are making your strategic choices.

Map out four areas around your Business Model Canvas:

  • Market Forces: Key customer issues in your arena, such as growing or shrinking segments; customer switching costs; changing jobs, pains, and gains; and more.
  • Key Trends : Key trends shaping your arena, such as technology innovations; regulatory constraints; social trends; and more.
  • Industry Forces: Key actors in your space, such as competitors; rising value chain actors; new or fading technology providers; and more.
  • Macroeconomic Forces: Macro trends, such as global market conditions; access to resources; high or low commodities prices; and more

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Do you systematically map and track your business model design environment? What do you struggle most with? Share with us! We'd love to hear about it!