How CVS's Business Model Smokes the Competition

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You asked for more and we're happy to oblige. Here's our second post in the Codified News series where we take a recent business article and codify the information using Strategyzer's visual tools. This post is about a NYTs article on CVS's decision to stop selling tobacco products.

"CVS Stores Stop Selling All Tobacco Products",  from the New York Times (September 2014). 

Tools and Techniques Used

Critical Elements

  1. CVS sells home essentials and drugs, including tobacco and cigarettes
  2. The Affordable Care Act expands the available market with new, insured patients
  3. CVS stops selling cigarettes to rebrand and reposition itself as a major health care player
  4. Rebranding enables additional value propositions: in-store clinics and primary care services and managing prescription plans for employers and insurers
  5. Improved value propositions drive more patients into CVS retail locations increasing sales of drugs and home essentials
  6. The system of interconnected value propositions are enabled by the rebranding and improves the entire business model

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