Replay Webinar #4: Ways To Present The Business Model Canvas

Added on by Kavi Guppta.

Last week we hosted close to 1,000 people in our free webinar on Ways To Present The Business Model Canvas. The 1-hour session included a series of best practices for communicating potential and existing business ideas through the Canvas. If you missed out on the live broadcast, don't sweat! Here's a recording of the event hosted by Benson Garner from our Content Team. 


In the 1-hour session Benson Garner from the Strategyzer team covered how the Business Model Canvas can be used to:

  • Avoid “cognitive murder” or “information overload”

  • Display the present and future states of your business model

  • Show multiple business models that work in tandem through color-coding

  • Tell a compelling visual story about your idea or potential business model

  • Resist the urge of “blah, blah, blah”

How has the Canvas helped you to communicate ideas within your organization? Share below!