Discussion: The Future Of Strategy & Innovation Is Much More Dynamic

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Columbia Business School professor Rita McGrath and Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder discuss how strategy is becoming a much more dynamic undertaking. Listen in as Alex and Rita explain and share concrete tips for embracing this "new wave" of dynamic strategic thinking. 

In this episode, Alex Osterwalder & Rita McGrath discuss:

  • What's happening in strategy & how it's changing.
  • What dynamic strategic thinking will mean for leadership.
  • Concrete steps that leadership can take to embrace this type of thinking.
  • Key arguments leadership can make to encourage their organization to get on board.


Alex Osterwalder, co-founder of Strategyzer (@AlexOsterwalder)

Rita McGrath, Columbia School of Business Professor (@rgmcgrath)


Kavi Guppta (@kaviguppta)


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