Webinar #2 - Getting Started With the Business Model Canvas

Added on by Benson Garner.

In this webinar Benson Garner shows participants exactly how to get started with the Business Model Canvas, sharing some pertinent ground rules and some valuable best practices that the team has learned directly from using the Canvas in the field.

Business Model Canvas Webinar

Benson covers:

  • How to use proper granularity for capturing the big picture and when it's appropriate to dive into the details
  • How to use precise language to best articulate your ideas
  • Adding visual imagery to make your ideas more quickly understood
  • Proper color coding to distinguish between distinct business model stories
  • How to make clear connections between the various building blocks
  • When to use a separate canvas and when to combine canvases
  • and a whole lot more...

The webinar concludes in a Q&A session with attendees.

What questions do you have about using the Business Model Canvas?