Webinar #3 - How to Use the Value Proposition Canvas

Added on by Benson Garner.

In this webinar Benson Garner will introduce participants to the Value Proposition Canvas, shows them how to use it, and shares common pitfalls and best practices when working with the tool. 

Webinar #3 Value Proposition Canvas

Benson covers:

  • What the Value Proposition Canvas is and how to use it

  • The Customer Profile (Customer Jobs, Pains, and Gains)

  • The Value Map (Products & Services, Pain Relievers, & Gain Creators)

  • Tesla's Model S through the lens of the Value Proposition Canvas

  • Some avoidable mistakes and best practices for working with the Canvas

  • and a whole lot more...

The webinar concluded in a Q&A session with attendees.

What questions do you have about using the Value Proposition Canvas?