Friday Catch Up: 12 Mistakes To Avoid, How To Produce Evidence, and More

Added on by Kavi Guppta.

Line up some weekend reads incase you missed our posts this week. Learn about the 12 mistakes a new business can make. Try out two ways to make your teams more productive. And Alex Osterwalder shares his vision for an entrepreneur who sits among the C-suite.

12 Mistakes To Avoid When Turning An Idea Into A Business

Nabila Amarsy shares 12 mistakes to avoid when trying to turn your ideas into a business. What other mistakes can make you fail? We encourage you to share your thoughts in Nabila’s post.

How Your Team Can Produce Evidence For Their Ideas

I outline two very simple tweaks to actions your team already performs that can focus their efforts around experiments and generate evidence for their ideas.

The C-Suite Needs A Chief Entrepreneur

In this post for Harvard Business Review, Alex drafts a role description for an entrepreneur who can lead the search for future growth engines inside a Fortune 50 company. The Chief Entrepreneur doesn’t report to the CEO, he or she works alongside the CEO.

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