Friday Catch Up: 6 Roles To Position Your Company, Alex Osterwalder Joins StratChat, & A New Weekly Digest

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Line up some weekend reads incase you missed our posts this week. Alex Osterwalder outlines the 6 roles that can position your company for the future. Alex dropped by StratChat to share his thoughts on a big company habit that needs to change. We're also launching a new weekly digest of business building content from around the web. Sign up to be the first to receive it!

6 Roles That Can Position Your Company For The Future


In continuation of his thoughts for HBR, Alex outlines a few important roles that work under the Chief Entrepreneur. Take a look at his org chart for innovators. We encourage you to share your thoughts to grow the discussion.

StratChat Episode 2: "You Can't Outsource The Validation Of Your Ideas"


In my second episode of our new audio segment, StratChat, Alex drops by to discuss the habit companies have for outsourcing their testing to professional firms. The job of interacting and learning from your customers belongs to you--you just can't hire someone else to do that. 

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