8 Reminders To Motivate Your Search For Value Propositions & Business Models

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The discovery of new value propositions and business models can be a long and tough journey. Here are 8 reminders to keep your team focused and motivated. Print them out and tape them up in your workspace to fuel the energy needed for uncovering tomorrow’s success.

Your company’s future depends on the search and validation of value propositions that connect with customers, and business models that create value for your organization. It’s a difficult task to prepare your company for the future while taking care of today’s business model.

Here are a few reminders to keep your teams motivated through the journey, with links to expert advice and content. Feel free to share your own reminders in the comments.

1. Do nothing and your company will become disposable.

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2. Good business model innovation starts with your culture.

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3. Manage today’s business model while searching for tomorrow’s success.

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4. Reinvent constantly. Don’t wait for a crisis to surprise the organization.

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5. Innovation isn’t magic, it’s a process.

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6. Get leadership and teams to speak the same language.

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7. Your company’s existing assets might be the ticket to its next success.

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8. Always, always, always champion evidence.


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