CXOTALK: Alex Osterwalder Chats About Culture Change & Digital Transformation

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Although organizational culture change is critically important to transform companies, it's very difficult to achieve. The shift from one business to another requires completely new processes, rituals, actions, and behaviors. Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder and XPLANE founder Dave Gray chat about culture change as guests on a recent CXOTALK broadcast. 

This session was originally broadcasted by CXOTALK

In this broadcast, Alex and Dave discuss:

  • A working definition of company culture
  • The importance of tools to facilitate a conversation around company culture
  • The importance of moving from ad-hoc processes to a more intentional approach to designing company culture
  • Why organizational culture is important to the development of new business models & value propositions
  • How the Culture Map can guide a tangible discussion around desired and undesired organizational cultures