Don’t Allow Blah Blah Blah into Your Meeting

Added on by Alexander Osterwalder.

Want to reduce “blah blah blah” in your strategy and business meetings? Start using visual business facilitation tools more systematically.


Visual business facilitation tools help simplify complex strategy and business conversations and make them more tangible. More importantly, visual facilitation tools help reduce what I like to call the “blah blah blah” that often occurs in such meetings (a term that I “stole” from my friend Dan Roam who wrote the book “Blah-Blah-Blah”).

When you don’t use tools to structure and facilitate meetings, people much more easily get off track, get  distracted, lose themselves in side-conversations, or end up going round in circles. It’s a lot more productive to work with artifacts--like the Business Model,Value Proposition Canvas, or Culture Map--to make conversations tangible and generate effective outcomes based on  a shared visible language.

One of the main reasons why literally millions of people around the world adopted the Business Model Canvas is specifically because it makes conversations more tangible. In our 2015 research report we learned that people adopted the  Business Model Canvas (and now the Value Proposition Canvas) to develop a shared understanding, to conduct better strategic conversations, and to put better ideas onto the table.

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