Design-Test-Repeat Cycle Visual

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At Strategyzer we value simplicity, visual tools and iterative prototyping. Over the years, we have used these principles  to refine one of our favorite visuals: the Design-Test-Repeat cycle. Check out how our visual language has changed over the years to see how our iterations have made this visual more clear and concise over time.

At Strategyzer, we believe in  visual business tools that are both simple and conceptually sound. A clear visual tool can replace a thousand words, and can describe a process without leaving any room for questions. 

Just as we would iterate on a business ideas, we also iterate on our own tools and visuals.  Over the past 10 years we have worked on our Design-Test-Repeat visual to clarify the process and increase user adoption. 

What do you think of our iterations? 

Looking for more on the design-test-repeat process? Check our latest Testing Course Prototype or our upcoming book, Testing Business Ideas.

Version 1 from Business Model Generation


Version 2 from Value Proposition Design


Version 4 from Testing Business Ideas

Version 3 from Cloud Academy


For more detail on Alan Smith’s design process and iterations, check out the carousel of images below.