Innovation Leader Podcast: Alex Osterwalder on Business Model Innovation

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It’s become clear that companies may already have all the innovation talent and ideas they need. 

What they don’t have are the tools, processes, rituals, KPIs & incentives required for innovation to thrive - because they’re optimized for management and not innovation.

How do we change that?

To find out, please join Alex Osterwalder and Scott Kirsner on the Innovation Leader podcast replay below!

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A time-marked recap in case you want to jump to certain points in the conversation or re-listen to a topic.

[1:50] The Invincible Company

[3:10] Business Model Innovation

[6:50] CEO's time commitment towards innovation

[10:30] How to approach business model innovation successfully

[13:10] Different types of innovation

[16:50] Acquisition vs start-up innovation

[20:25] Innovation metrics

[35:05] Innovation career paths

[39:15] Consulting vs entrepreneurship

[43:40] Suggestions for fostering quick wins in first 60 days

A big thanks to Scott & the Innovation Leader team for hosting us!