Friday November 8, 2013

Added on by Strategyzer.

Update: Added all-new video content to Strategyzer Academy : "Creating Market Size Estimates", "Creating Revenue Estimates", "Creating Cost Estimates", "Adding Collaborators to Business Projects"

Update: Improved user experience (UX) with more descriptive messages displayed if a user's credit card is declined or has other issues

Update: Improved UX by adding a "about to be removed" visual state when a sticky note is about to be deleted via dragging it off the canvas

Update: Improved UX with HTML links now allowed in comments

Update: Improved UX by taking users to their intended destination after login if they came via a link

Bug fix: Improved security by removing ability for comments and notes to execute scripts via script injection

Bug fix: Improved UX by fixing tab index of fields in the estimator tool

Bug fix: Improved UX by fixing alignment of lines in the Value Proposition Canvas display

Bug fix: Lots of formatting and display fixes for Internet Explorer 9