Thursday December 19, 2013 - Year end roundup!

Added on by Strategyzer.

It's been an exciting year for the design and development team here at Strategyzer!  Here's a roundup of everything we've been working on since our in-house team was up and running in early 2013!


  • Added Value Proposition Canvas
  • Bugs/issues uncovered or associated with move from Unspace
  • Many obvious bugs were squashed in the UX (no close buttons, errors on VP canvas, renaming a canvas breaks the link to it, etc.)
  • Added contextual help throughout the app
  • Post it note interaction optimized (typeface, interaction, opacity, sizing)
  • Added option to use invite link when inviting contributors to projects (not just via email)
  • Added ability to redeem coupon codes within the application (not just on sign up)
  • Various marketing pages updates (splitting "sign up" and "login" buttons for example)
  • Users can edit their currency symbol and format in the Cost or Revenue calculators
  • Added free trial offer when users register but don't pay
  • Added email reminders for expiring product subscriptions
  • Added the ability to add notes to canvases
  • Added the ability to add comments to canvases
  • Added activity notifications via email
  • Coupon codes automatically applied for workshop attendees
  • Added ability to include HTML links in comments
  • Added more descriptive error messages if a users' credit card is declined
  • Added blur effect to UX
  • In progress - move from Linode to Heroku
  • many, many bug fixes and UX refinements

Have a wonderful holiday and happy 2014 from all of us around the world!