Tuesday July 16, 2013

Added on by Christopher Hopkins.

Update: Post-it notes being deleted from the Value Proposition and Customer Segment blocks that have Value Proposition Maps and/or Customer Segment Profiles associated with them will prompt the user to confirm the deletion.

Update: The note section in the Post-it note detail view now has a visual gradient at the bottom to indicate there is more content associated with this note which can be viewed by clicking anywhere in the note section.

Bug fix: When adding a comment to a Post-it note the text field is now set into focus by default. 

Bug fix: The "Get help" tooltip is back in the Post-it note detail view.

Update: We've added the inviter's email as "Reply-To" for all invitations to collaborate. If the invitee replies to the invite it will now be sent to the email address you used to sign up with Strategyzer. 

Bug fix: We've fixed the broken layout in the "Change Password" page.