Friday January 10, 2014 - We're in beta!

Added on by Strategyzer.

Happy 2014 from the Strategyzer development team!

We're very proud to announce that we've made the switch from alpha to beta!   After over 6 months of having our own kick-ass team of developers and designers, Strategyzer has evolved in leaps and bounds.    

The development team is focused on two things: (1) our move from Linode to Heroku (2) the launch of our online training course.  

Here's some other smaller fixes and updates we've made to Stragyzer:

new content: our "From Idea to Business" video series done in partnership with the Kauffman foundation have been added to Strategyzer Academy

UX improvement: added a "$" to the price of the subscription

infrastructure: improving the exporter functionality

pricing: various pricing experiments to optimize conversion rates on subscription and online training preregistration

UX improvement: we installed Olark on our non-logged in pages to help users through the buying process and provide another line of communication via the site

UX improvement: experimenting with 2 field signup instead of 4