Tuesday April 15, 2014

Added on by Strategyzer.

We just released a very exciting new feature on the Strategyzer Build app!

As of this week, you can now "@ mention" a collaborator in the Comments section of a sticky note!  For all the non-techies out there, this means that specific collaborators will receive an email notification when you "@ mention" their user name.

For example, if I open a sticky note, navigate to the Comments, and then type: "Hey @alansmith, what do you think about this idea?", Alan will receive an email letting him know that I've mentioned him in a sticky note, and even better, he'll receive a link he can open that will take him to that exact sticky note in Strategyzer!

"@ mention" is a powerful tool that many platforms such as Twitter, Trello, and Facebook use to boost user engagement and make it easier for teams to work together more effectively.  We hope you love it - try it out today!