Friday, June 27, 2014

Added on by Strategyzer.

We released 2 big improvements to Strategyzer this week:

(1) Move and Copy Canvases between Projects - users can now move and copy Canvases between Projects without help from our support and development teams.  This has been a long-requested feature, especially useful for our power users with several projects and many canvases.

(2) New account pages!  We just released completely redesigned account pages.  Users will now find it much easier to find the information they're looking for in the new tabbed format.  

(3) Canvas listings now load much faster. With many of our users racking up larger and larger amounts of Canvases, we've paid special attention to making Canvas listing pages load much faster.  

(4) Free trials for all.  It's now easy for us to provide free trials to any users who ask.  We are still A/B testing a free trial call to action by default.

(5) Lots of bug fixes:

  • support for IE 9 bugs
  • fixed update billing info pages
  • automated contact form on
  • issues with calculations in Revenue tools

Our founders are in the home stretch of completing all of the content for the Value Proposition Canvas book.  It's going to be a smash hit!