Learn To Boost Alignment In Cross-Functional Teams On Innovation Projects

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The Team Alignment Map (TAM), created by Stefano Mastrogiacomo, is a tool for helping cross-functional teams get on the same page when running innovation projects. He’s also facilitating a 1-day Masterclass to help you improve innovation conversations with the tool. Sign up to get notified when tickets go live.


New to the Team Alignment Map? You can also check out the StratChat Stefano did with Strategyzer: Boost Cross Alignment In Cross Functional Teams For Innovation Projects.

Effective innovation teams care deeply about their common ground. The lack of common ground results in unproductive meetings, or redundant conversations that don't move the needle on new business ideas. Aligned teams can execute joint activities up to 12x faster than misaligned teams.

The Team Alignment Map (TAM) is a simple, visual tool to boost the creation and maintenance of relevant common ground in projects. At Strategyzer, we use it to kick-off all our internal and client projects with enterprise innovation teams. It helps cross-functional teams working collaboratively to design, test, modify, and abandon options until they get it right. It helps you ensure team alignment and sound execution when you are testing and implementing your new business opportunities out in the field.

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