StratChat Replay with Rita McGrath: 8 Practices That Help You See Around Corners

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Download Holger’s recap drawing of the session  here .

Download Holger’s recap drawing of the session here.

In case you missed it, Columbia management scholar and author Rita McGrath joined Alex Osterwalder to discuss how companies can constantly reinvent themselves, as well as the eight practices to help businesses see around corners.

Watch the replay below!

Key discussion points:

0:00 - Introductions & getting started with Kavi Gupta
5:00 - Rita’s new book: Seeing Around Corners
12:30 - How Skype disrupted the telecommunications industry
16:20 - How CEO’s can embrace a culture of relentless curiosity
21:45 - If you had $1,00,000 to spend on innovation, what would you do?
34:00 - AirBnB’s business model
43:00 - Learnings from NASA & going to the moon for the first time
50:00 - General Motors case study in management

For those interested in learning more about strategic inflection points, you can pre-order Rita’s upcoming book here - due to release on 3 September 2019.